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Regular Vehicle Warranty

Regular Vehicle

Undoubtedly still the most popular type of transportation, a diesel or gasoline powered vehicle is just as properly protected by Max Warranty.

Being the most common of them all, a vehicle that doesn't run on any form of electric charge is definitely run by diesel or gasoline. These type of vehicles have been around since the start of fuel-powered transportation. Just like a hybrid and BEV, it has a battery and transmission box, both which are covered by the Max Warranty.

Max Warranty assures you that any vehicle you buy has battery and transmission box covered for a maximum of 24 months or up to 100 000 kms (whichever occurs first) from time of first purchase from your preferred car dealer.

To stay within the warranty protection, make sure that you read and understand all conditions and clauses in the warranty booklet provided you from purchase of your car. Very important of them all is that you make sure to have your car checked only in authorized shops on a regular basis and no tampering of warranty covered parts.